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In-Room amenities. Every one of our sleek, micro rooms include:

Designed by Sova

Windowless  |  1 queen bed  |  136 square feet 

“Designed by SOVA” is for folks that want a hotel room comfier than your in-law’s twin air mattress and more modern than a roadside inn or basic brand. And the best part? As a micro-room, without all the fluff at a cookie-cutter hotel chain, you’ll have fun exploring the city and save money while doing it.

Cloud Suite

Windows  |  1 queen bed  |  220 square feet

Welcome to the Cloud Suite. There is only one of these suites in the halls of SOVA. Among its fellow micro-rooms, the Cloud Suite is our most spacious. In all its dreamy goodness, we want you to imagine all types of clouds as you lie down to sleep here. It is also the only windowed room. See the city of Dallas from the SOVA Cloud Suite. ~Cloudy with a chance of epic~

Space Cabin

Windowless  |  1 queen bed  |  180 square feet

Starbucks translation: grande size. Bigger than our “Designed by SOVA” room and smaller than our Cloud Suite room, the Space Cabin is your match if you want more wiggle room. Use this hotel room’s extra 45 square feet to practice your downward dog stretch in the morning.

SOVA Accessible

Windowless  |  1 queen bed  |  190 square feet

We want everyone to be able to enjoy their stay with us. These rooms are designed to be more accessible. Please let us know of any additional needs or requests and we would love to be helpful in any way. Looking forward to your visit with us!

Hotel Room in Dallas

Windowless  |  1 double bed  |  128 square feet

This hotel room isn’t small – it’s “fun-sized.” As the description says, this is quite literally the Smallest Hotel Room in Dallas, and that’s exactly what makes it so charming. Don’t worry, it still comes equipped with our fan-favorite electronic bidets!