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SOVA Amenities.

In an effort to make your stay at SOVA as unique and memorable as possible, we have specially developed a set of globally-inspired amenities that brings pieces of every corner of the globe to your Dallas travel experience.

Sangria Social Hour

Be transported to the beaches of Spain with our signature SOVA Sangria! Every evening, meet new travelers and enjoy a delicious, complimentary glass of sangria.

Bespoke Furniture

Some call it “custom,” but we prefer the term “bespoke.” Mostly because it sounds fancier. But yes, we have custom furniture. It is special, just like you!

Travel Guides

We like to call our front desk bartenders "Travel Guides". They live in Dallas and know where all of the fun is at! Take a seat at the bar, grab a drink, and chat with one of them. We love making friends with our guests and giving tips for things to do nearby!


Have a drink from our menu, which offers some of our favorite local brews, as well as some top international cocktail recipes from our favorite countries! Take a seat at our community tables and get to know your fellow travelers before hitting the town!

Monsoon Showers

Shout out to individuals over six feet tall... Tired of hitting your head on outdated 19th-century showers? Our SOVA Monsoon showers are seven feet high and were designed to feel like the heavens opened up on a warm afternoon.

Speakeasy (Thurs, Fri, Sat)

Try to find the most hidden speakeasy in Dallas... Room 520 is a cozy lounge that lends itself to conversation. With only 12 available seats, we highly recommend making a reservation. We invite you to unwind, enjoy our seasonal cocktails, and join our vibrant community. Open 7-11:30PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

However you decide to spend your visit to Dallas, we hope it’s memorable. We can’t wait to welcome you here with open arms and show you around our beautiful city.