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Looking for a quick Sparknotes on SOVA? We gotcha covered. SOVA is a stylish, boutique hotel where our micro rooms are about ⅓ the size of a regular (or what we call “cookie-cutter”) hotel room. Looking for a chic, reasonably-priced, and fun hotel, located right in downtown Dallas? We’re your perfect match. No Hinge necessary.

What's a Micro Room?

Micro Rooms are small rooms that pack a big punch. With amenities like comfy beds and Smart TVs for streaming cheeky British reality shows, our hotel rooms got everything you need and more. We just cut out all the extra fluff. Plus, we have a hunch you won’t need that excess square footage to run laps around your hotel room.

Don’t miss out on a revolutionary new vacation experience, inspired by our own world travels. Drop in today!

SOVA (125 square feet) VS Boring Hotel Chains (too much square feet)

Why are our rooms so small?

Easy. Less square feet = less expensive rooms… So you can spend your $$ on the cool stuff: music festival tickets, happy hours, cutting-edge museums, and more. But don’t worry, we’re convinced that even if you don’t step outside the hotel, you’ll still have a blast (shoutout to our speakeasy and SOVA-planned events.)

Why are rooms windowless?

No windows mean the perfect sleep! 11/10 experts agree that windowless rooms are even more effective than blackout curtains for blocking out daylight and creating the dreamiest sleep environment. Trust me, you’ll want to set an extra alarm clock in the morning. For those afternoons you want to chill out, try out our room in “Movie Theatre Mode” aka turn off the lights, for the perfect dark setting to tune into new “Love Island” episodes.

Sit back, relax, and put the “work grind” on pause, so you can catch some extra ZZZs. 

Wanna catch some natural light? Our downstairs lobby is bright and airy, with large windows letting in the warm Texas sun. We invite you to hangout with us and your fellow travelers in our common spaces.