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meet team SOVA.

Twin brothers Blake and Brandon Shirk founded SOVA together because of their shared passion for travel and adventure. After learning how epic SOVA could be for travelers, their sister, Morgan Shirk, later joined the team.

Over the years, the Shirks have traveled all over the world, exploring the beauty and dynamism of our planet. They love learning about different cultures and people and want to make sure you have an experience that leaves you with fond memories and friendships. They believe each year should be your best year and look forward to befriending the guests of SOVA.



Blake Shirk, Founder of SOVA

Blake Shirk

Played Chess Before The Queen’s Gambit
Likely more injury prone than you

Profile photo of Morgan Shirk.

Morgan Shirk

Consumes her body-weight in matcha daily
Not a twin

Brandon Shirk, Founder of SOVA

Brandon Shirk

Voted Most Consistent Night Owl 2 Years In A Row
World’s Slowest Eater